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Welcome to Gemini Birthday

AUGUST 2013 - A complete source all about Astrology that pertains to the Sun Sign of Gemini. Here we will explore in-depth the path you created and why certain events shape your world. What makes the Gemini tick? Why the past choices brought you here to this future, here and now? What type of everyday energies are you creating or what energies are creating you. Gemini Birthday is one of the first websites devoted exclusively to your Sun Sign. Why were you born on that Gemini Birthday? And Time. Where are you going right now?

Or you maybe your Gemini interests lie with someone else? Interested in learning more about a co-worker, friend, parent, associate or LOVER? Time events in your life; be aware of the right time in your life, to take certain steps. Take the first step to be in control of your self-created life. Use Gemini Birthday’s many interesting cool features to time the next step in your life.

Would you do better with a new JOB? Would a change in your home, country or continent be beneficial aligning with Gemini energy? How about a small Island? Or, would an Gemini like it better on top of a large mountain? What types of influences and energies are better or worse for you and where might they be. Maybe your just where your suppose to be? What hidden secrets does your Gemini Horoscope hold for you! What don’t you know about yourself (your twin personality)? Or what do you the Geminian’s know and are holding back on the rest of us in this world?

Sun sign Gemini - Basic Personality
A tendency to inconsistency is another problem and the Geminian need for variety and change makes it all too easy for these people to start a great many different projects but leave most of them unfinished.
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Gemini as the Ascendant
Surprisingly for such a volatile zodiac type, people with Gemini rising want to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground.
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Gemini in a Partnership
Some interesting characteristics emerge in relationships. A warm, passionate enthusiasm and optimism will delight the partner.
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Gemini with Family and Children
A Gemini child will start talking, and probably crawling, then walking, at a very early age. The parents of these children need to ensure that their youngster has plenty to keep them happily occupied, as once boredom sets in, mischief will be sure to follow.
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Gemini's Career
Gemini’s are known for their versatility and communicative skills that should ideally be used in a career. Many do very well in the media and are also the natural salespeople of the zodiac. They do doing well in retail sales, advertising and in publishing or travel.
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Gemini Career Chart
Where you should make your contribution to the World.
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Gemini Health, diet and exercise
Although not necessarily strong, these people are almost certainly slim and apparently perpetually young. Any difficulties that do arise may perhaps be for psychological rather than physical reasons as Geminians have vast amounts of nervous energy that must be burned off.
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Gemini Change, leisure and retirement
Continual change is a way of life for Gemini individuals as their chief fear in life is being bored.
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Gemini Progressed to Cancer
A surprisingly sentimental streak may appear when the Sun progresses into Cancer and the emotions will also flow more readily.
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Gemini are most attracted to:
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