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Gemini Sun Sign in a Family

Communicative, adaptable, versatile, restless. Witty and intellectual. Eloquent. Youthful and lively. Nervous and tense. Superficial and inconsistent Cunning and inquisitive.

To get to grips very early on with the tendency to inconsistency and superficiality, the child should be encouraged to finish all tasks that are started, although it would be wrong to insist that he or she tackle them one at a time. This simply doesn't work with a Gemini.

They obtain their best results when able to move from one project to another as the mood takes them and their interest fluctuates. Gemini children usually do quite well at school, but they can bluff their way through tests. Really clever teachers will soon recognize this and be able to stay several steps ahead of these students. Less shrewd instructors will be easily manipulated and the Gemini is an excellent prankster. At examination time the Gemini will probably write reams and reams of opinion, backed up by very little essential fact.

Geminians are lively parents, filling their children's out-of-school hours with activity. They must be careful, since their children may not be as versatile, or have such quick minds, as they themselves.

These parents should consider the basic nature and true qualities of their children, which may not coincide with their own.

There is a very powerful critical streak in every Gemini, which can be more demoralizing than they realize and may badly deflate and upset their children. Criticism is therefore better tempered and softened with humor.

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A Gemini child will start talking, and probably crawling, then walking, at a very early age. The parents of these children need to ensure that their youngster has plenty to keep them happily occupied, as once boredom sets in, mischief will be sure to follow.
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