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Gemini Sun sign basic personality

Communicative, adaptable, versatile, restless. Witty and intellectual. Eloquent. Youthful and lively. Nervous and tense. Superficial and inconsistent Cunning and inquisitive.

Superficiality is the worst fault and should be controlled whenever possible. These people tend to know a little about many subjects, and they sometimes fail to acquire truly deep knowledge of the things that really interest them.

An ability to quickly assimilate knowledge can work well under certain conditions, but it is important for this type to realize the necessity for deep thought and seriously based opinions on some matters.

A tendency to inconsistency is another problem and the Geminian need for variety and change makes it all too easy for these people to start a great many different projects but leave most of them unfinished.

Awareness of this element in their characters will help them develop ways to counter it. They are very logical, rational people and, generally speaking, their minds work very quickly, but the influence of their ruling planet, Mercury is important and must be carefully considered.

Gemini subjects can be prone to excessive mental activity and nervousness. Constantly analyzing and thinking about every aspect of their life experience.

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Versatility is the main Gemini trait. This is the first dual sign of the zodiac, and its subjects find it essential to pursue several courses of action at once.

They also need to communicate on all levels. Their need for communication is so strong that they are always on the telephone talking about every conceivable subject and they will chat to complete strangers if no one else is available at the time.
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