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This marks a time when you feel "lady luck" smiling on you. You are buoyed with confidence now to succeed at any project you attempt. Make sure both your expectations and abilities are realistic before diving into something you may not be able to get out of without harm or embarrassment.

It usually indicates a sense of freedom from having to worry about major responsibilities. It confers wisdom and a sense of understanding of the world around you and spiritual ideals. It is an extremely positive aspect conferring a lofty perspective and an inner strength, which prepares you for the next stage of your evolution.

An instinctive emotional need for a partner helps create pleasant surroundings in the home and at the workplace. Communal activities, which take place at this time, should be both well attended and successful.

The need for emotional security is accentuated at this time, though you should not pressure a partner into doing things just to please and satisfy you.

Messages involving personal relationships - marriage, friendships, and work-relationships increase your tendency to partake in working partnerships or group activities.

Mental stimulation from others is key for you right now, and it may be a good idea to make every effort to cooperate and compromise with others. Cooperate and your project at hand should therefore be a great success.

You are feeling a transit of harmonious relationships and all around good times. Leisure activities are best engaged in at this time with loved ones, though you may have a tendency to excess!

This month brings about a great deal of energy to you as far as romance is concerned. The power of attraction and desire for love is great, but you should exercise caution before entering a new relationship, which may come about during this transit.

Also, you may be inclined to physical activities, like sports, especially with the opposite sex.

You create many chances for making new friends, both platonically and romantically. There may be, though, a chance that a "secret" love affair may develop in which you may definitely get hurt.

This is a good time to practice discretion with any romantic advances and you should exhibit self -control or deep pain may result.

This month energizes inner harmony, and relationships, which start under this influence, will tend to have a long lasting impact on you.

You are in a transit that favors all types of relationships -- especially those with women. Your emotions are in balance, making sexual relations particularly meaningful.

Your higher self intensifies love and physical desires today and any relationships started today will be especially intense.

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Gemini Birthday Compass thoughts

There is freedom in knowing some of our limitations, and these energies teach us exactly what this means it may make you fall under the heavy burden of responsibility, and you will probably have to work hard to equate yourself well.

However this transit also marks a time when many projects come to fruition, especially large ones. You should resist "selling short", though, just to finish work.

Some problems with self-esteem may bring about work that can best described as boring. There may be many tedious things for you to do now. Remember though that these details are necessary for the success of a project, particularly a long-term one.

You are perceived as a man under pressure, expecting himself to have his life in perfect order and resenting it when this doesn't come true, you may experience a gradual dissolution of the ties that bind the family together.
You should work hard during this time to keep close relatives just that, close. Also, you may tend to dominate the family setting in order to secure domestic tranquility, which may be threatened during this period.

Your energies indicate problems in self-awareness. You tend to put yourself down when you compare your capabilities to the skills of other people; this time is an exodus of uneasiness.

You may feel restless and anxious about present relations with friends and family, but you should be thankful for what you have.

You know how to assert yourself without protest, you are filled with an urge to work hard and "get things done". Don't put off tomorrow what you can do today, for then you can be truly relaxed when it comes time to take it easy with friends.

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